Do not misunderstand us: Economic success is an important topic for EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE, too. However, there is another aspect that is just us important for us: We only want to provide products that follow a sustainable system of values. For this purpose, we are willing to invest and to promote – true to our motto “Doing determines our existence”.

Social responsibility

We accept social responsibility in our and for our company having developed social and ecological guidelines and having summed them up in our code of ethics. This codex is binding for all sectors of our entrepreneurial activities.

EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE is fair, sustainable and committed. We reject child labour and exploitation. We support projects in a targeted way that sustainably improve the living conditions of people in the production countries. We are committed to initiatives that strengthen the role of women. We promote resource-saving and environmental-friendly working methods as well as the adaptation of traditional manufacturing methods to contemporary demands. For this purpose, we closely cooperate with internationally recognized NGOs (non-government organisations).

Respect for life

We are living on credit. Leading scientists predict that if we continue like that, we will need the resources of three planet earths by the middle of this century. However, since we do not have two spare planets available, we must manage with our earth we are living on. EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE therefore vehemently advocates an economical and responsible use of our re-sources.We waive the use of furs as well as of raw materials, which stem from dubious and untraceably sources and conditions of production, which destroy our environment.