We want to redefine the concept of luxury. With the EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE we combine beautiful and precious premium products that feature moral as well as ethical values. Luxury and commitment for a more social world, in which we deal with resources in a responsible way – are no contradictions for us. It is our declared objective to provide beautiful things with an additional value, which corresponds to our modern and enlightened world and which contrib-utes to mastering the global challenges ahead of us. That is why we at EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE are considering all segments of the luxury market – fashion as well as perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, interior decoration, luxury foods and many other lifestyle products.


Comprehensive planning is necessary for every individual product to make this vision of ETHICAL DE LUXE come true. This goes far beyond the requirements usually necessary for other products of the luxury segment. Demanding design and uncompromising selection of materials and manufacturing are for us just one side of the coin – the other side is that we must additionally make sure to transparently implement our own ethical standards.

At present we have a lot of meetings and discussions with possible cooperation partners who support a sustainable and more social manufacturing on all levels – and this concerns the complete supply chain. There is one secret we can disclose to you as early as now:

The first label starting under EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE in 2017 will be a fashion label. We are simultaneously working on other brands that also contribute in making life more agreeable and better at the same time.