EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE means to happily enjoy luxury. We regard our customers and staff members as ambassadors of a world, where material and ethical values are in complete balance. We are aware that our demand on ourselves is very high and that it will take us a long time to fulfil all aspects. Nevertheless, it is important to never lose sight of our objectives. That is why we have phrased this code of ethics as binding guidelines for our actions.


We of EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE follow local laws, directives and standards rejecting unfair commercial practices like corruption and bribery.


 EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE is a cosmopolitan company, where everybody has the expressed right to call attention to grievance. We cultivate an open communication, which is characterized by mutual respect, with our staff members as well as with our partners for production, logistics and trade. Criticism and ideas, which contribute to achieving our ethical and economical objectives are welcome at any time. In return we expect this transparent and proactive openness to dialogue from our staff members and partners, too – especially regarding matters of product quality, of decent and fair working conditions at the companies of our partners and suppliers as well as regarding the reduction of environmental burden. 


We give top priority to the respect for and observance of the human rights – regardless of gender, origin, way of living or religion of a person. However, we expect the same from all our staff members and partners who work for EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE. We do not tolerate any form of exploitation, child labour or discrimination against other people. We stand for fair payment as well as for a respectful and human approach of all partners. We support and motivate staff members to develop their own ideas and to realize them in our company. We accept social responsibility for our staff members, which goes far beyond the usual employment relationship.


We are voluntarily committed to complying with the principles of the “Business Social Compliance Initiative” (BSCI) to ensure safe and fair working conditions at the companies of our partners and suppliers. The BSCI code of behaviour includes all essential standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as well as of other internationally recognized conventions and guidelines. This also includes the prohibition of abusive child labour, contact with harmful materials, safe and decent working condition, fair payment, regular working hours, compliance with local laws, no discrimination as well as employees’ right to organize and bargain collectively.

Only those can become partners for production, logistics and trade who have contractually agreed upon with EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE on having the compliance with BSCI standards in their companies regularly controlled by independent agencies, which are accredited at BSCI. Furthermore, we will train our own specialists who are to control safety conditions – among others with regard to fire protection – in the plants of our suppliers.


We actively support projects which contribute in improving people’s living conditions in the manufacturing countries. For this purpose, we explicitly cooperate with selected organizations and initiatives that provide people with help resulting in capacity building. If possible these projects are to be implemented as intrinsic part into the production chains of our markets.


We categorically reject activities based on the waste of resources. We exclusively process raw materials, which were produced in a safe way, come from reliably traceable sources and can be processed without any burden for the environment. EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE does not provide any products, which promote exploitation or can only be produced under morally questionable conditions. These include among others products from non-certified tropical woods and luxury foods containing palm butter.


We have respect for live. EDL – ETHICAL DE LUXE condemns any kind of cruelty to living beings. That is why we neither process furs nor feathers and downs from live plucking. We generally reject any animal-abusive processes for the production of food, furthermore, we do without animal testing for cosmetic products.